The sweater stone


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This simple natural pumice stone will catch and remove all those irritating little pills (balls) on the surface of your clothes with very little effort and more importantly NO BATTERIES!

Forget the razors, combs, brushes,

and battery operated gadgets all you

will ever need is a  ‘Sweater stone’ 

 The sweater stone (price 12€ )

 is one gift that will truly be

 appreciated by everyone

 who receives it!


Here are a few tips and suggestions:

Be gentle! It is abrasive so you shouldn’t be too heavy handed or enthusiastic – better to repeat the operation rather than ruin your favourite jumper!

Use it on natural fibres not synthetics!

Don’t use it on very fine or delicate woollens/fabrics

It is quite light and fragile so every time you drop it on a hard floor you’ll damage the corners

It’s better to wash the garment first (unless it’s already clean) as this removes some of the pilling

It is easier to use whilst wearing the garment, using one hand to pull the garment downwards to create a bit of tension, and gently scraping the surface as needed.







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