Suri silk cloud


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Brand:  Kaleidoscope’s Natural Collection / undyed yarn

Product name: Suri silk cloud

Category: 2 ply lace knits up as a Sport/DK 

Fibres: 74% Baby Suri Alpaca/26% Mulberry Silk

Weight/length: 50g = 300 metres /328 yards

Needle size:  3 – 3.75 mm  (5 mm double stranded)

Gauge: Variable

Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water, dry flat.


Suri Cloud – This wonderfully soft yarn actually feels like a cloud. Although it looks like mohair, it has an amazing softness. Suri Cloud is a wonderful alternative to mohair for the sensitive skin.

Suri Alpacas are quite rare and have an exceptionally soft and shiny fiber. Whether individually entangled, as Beilaufgarn, multifilament or whatever you can think of. You know and love the Angel Delight or the Dream Cloud? Then this is another yarn that will conquer your hearts.



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