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Brand: ITO yarns

Product: Sensai

Composition: 60% Mohair, 40% Silk

Category: 2ply /lace

Length: 240 metres /262 yds

Unit weight: 20 g 

Gauge: variable

Needles: 2 – 5 mm

Care: Gentle hand wash recommended, dry flat. 


Sensai is a beautiful delicate mohair yarn with 40% silk. One of our best selling yarns – luxurious and light as a feather for lacy, light and elegant knits, or knit it together with any yarn to add extra softness, extra thickness, and a light fuzz with no extra weight!

Kaleidoscope’s rating = KKKKK 

Skin softness :  5 /5– hard to find a softer mohair than this one!

Colour palette:  5/5 – amazing palette varies from soft to vibrant

Pattern usage :  5 /5 – many patterns use fine mohair, and it’s great used in combination with other yarns to add softness / bulk without weight!

Value for money: 5 /5 – With 240m and 40% silk, difficult to beat!

Wear and tear: 5 /5 –  fine lace yarns  all require gentle washing and treatment, sensai will still look and feel great years later if treated with care.  


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