Ram Penannular Brooch


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Brand name: JUL designs

Product name: Ram Pennanular shawl pin

Composition: Cast and hand-finished in White Brass

Dimensions:  stick pin  5cm  (2″)  

Info: Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia, not suitable for fine/close knitted items.


Our beautiful Mountain Sheep is now available in this fabulous one-piece shawl pin – the Ram Penannular Brooch.  A simple design with an ancient aura, this pin is a stunning addition to your knitwear.

This beautiful collection of hand cast shawl pins from Juldesigns are made by Fair Trade artisans in the U.S and around the world. Perfect for wearing on your wool garments (made in non-precious metals).

Not suitable for fine/close knitted items.

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Weight 80 g