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Brand:  Olann hand-dyed in Ireland

Product:  Kidsilk lace mohair

Category:lace /2 ply

Composition: 72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk.

Length: 420 m / 459 yds

Unit weight:  50g


Needles: 2 – 4.5 mm (US 1-4)

Washing guide: Gentle hand wash recommended, dry flat.

 (As with all hand dyed yarns some highly saturated colours may bleed so add a little white vinegar to your first wash to set the colour.  Take care when choosing your colours for a project. Bear in mind that if you choose a pale colour and also a bright red that bleeding may occur!)

Kaleidoscope’s rating = KKKKK

Skin softness : 5/5 –  For those who can wear mohair it’s fluffy and very soft.

Colour palette:  5/5 – fabulous hand-dyed colours, we love them!

Pattern usage :  5/5 – Lots of patterns available for fine mohair.

Value for money: 3/5 – most hand-dyed yarns are around this price.

Wear and tear: 4/5 – Mohair yarns need to be treated with extra care!


Product description:

Hand-dyed in Ireland, this beautiful variegated yarn is available in both deeply saturated and delicate colourways. Kid Mohair lace weight yarn. soft fuzzy mohair halo, the ultimate lace yarn. Use as carry-along yarn to add fuzziness to everything from scarves to sweaters or held double for extra fuzzy accessories.


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