Green/pink kin-gin


25 g ~ 300 m / 328 yards

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Brand: ITO yarns

Product: Kin-Gin

Composition: 51% Viscose, 49% Polyester

Category: 2 ply / trace yarn

Length: 300m /328 yrds

Unit weight: 25 g 

Gauge: variable

Needles: variable

Care: Gentle hand wash recommended, dry flat. 

Tips: Kin Gin with Sensai is a great combination for the classical evening wardrobe.



Kin Gin adds glamour to your knitting. This yarn is available in 5 variations: Gold with a white core – Silver with a white core – Gold and silver with a black core – Gold and lilac with a white core – Metallic pink and green with a white core. Thus Kin Gin can be knitted with light or dark colors alike. Kin Gin can be mixed with any ITO quality.


Kaleidoscope’s rating = KKKK

Colour palette:  4 /5 – only 6 colours, all subtle with just the right amount of bling!

Pattern usage : 4 /5 – this yarn can be used alongside all yarns to add glamour

Value for money: 4 /5 – very reasonable

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Weight 60 g