Xmas & New year opening hours – 2018

PLEASE NOTE: ALL orders placed in our E-shop from 22/12/18 to 3/1/19 will ONLY be sent out from 4/1/19  thank-you for your comprehension, and Happy Xmas and New Year to everyone!

                       XMAS & NEW YEAR OPENING HOURS 2018 / 2019
Tuesday 18th December 2018    OPEN 11h-16h
Wednesday 19th December 2018    OPEN 10h-18h
Thursday 20th December 2018    OPEN 10h-18h
Friday 21st  December 2018    OPEN 10h-18h
Saturday 22nd December 2018    OPEN                   10h-18h
Sunday 23rd December 2018   CLOSED  
Monday 24th December 2018   CLOSED    
Tuesday 25th December 2018   CLOSED    
Wednesday  26th December 2018   OPEN 11h-17h
Thursday 27th December 2018   OPEN 11h-17h
Friday 28th December 2018   OPEN                    10h-18h
Saturday 29th December 2018   OPEN                    10h-18h
Sunday 30th December 2018   CLOSED
Monday 31st December 2018   CLOSED 
Tuesday 1st  January 2019   CLOSED 
Wednesday 2nd January 2019    CLOSED               
Thursday 3rd January 2019     OPEN                    10h -18h
      Normal opening hours resume….

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