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Thanks to one of our customers ( Dominique), this pattern is so simple to make you can take it anywhere and it’ll almost crochet itself. We made ours in Seawool by Fleece Artist, a soft, drapey merinos and seacell mix. Seacell is made from seaweed and like bambou it has a slight sheen and washes very well. We sell in a wide range of colours at Kaleidoscope. This pattern is for sale in our E-shop in EN/FR price 3 euros.


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kathrynThis triangular shaped shawl, is formed by crocheting a series of small lace squares together using a 2,5mm hook. The fine, soft, lace yarn by Malabrigo  makes it lovely to wear. You might need a little patience to do this pattern but it’s worth the reward.

The ‘Kathryn’ pattern by Rosalind Finlayson is available to buy at Kaleidoscope and in our E- shop –  EN/FR price 4.50

you will need: 2 X 50g Malabrigo lace ( col: Paris Night )

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