Plain knits no: 10

Featured in the new Ito magazine no: 3  ‘Plain Knits’ this delicate little top is knitted in ‘Sensai’ mohair and ‘Tetsu’ silk and steel. Although the pattern is simple enough to knit, you will need a good light and a careful hand,  due to the nature of these fine threads. However  I think you’ll agree that it’s well worth the effort to create a unique garment like this.







The ITO no:3  magazine is published in English and German languages,  available to buy at Kaleidoscope.



NEW for 2016

Kick start the new year with some top quality products from Kaleidoscope!

At last we have the lace blocking kits from Knitpro price 25€ Each kit comprises of:

6 wires 95cm/6 wires 50cm/ 3 flexible wires 95cm / 20 t-pins / 1 tape measure

Now your shawls/scarves will always look beautiful!


The blocking mats = 9 x 30 X 30cm mats  cost 29,95 €


My Favourite washing product for all your garments! The excellent no rinse ‘ Eucalan’ is so easy to use, very economical, and it smells of Eucalyptas, 100ml = 4,80€


In my opinion  Knitpro’s Karbonz needles are sleek, lightweight and good looking – a designer product at a very affordable price. Made from carbon fibre, they are incredibly resistant, with a nice smooth feel. This starter kit of 4 x circular interchangeables costs 104,80€


Also available are the Double pointed Karbonz needles from 9,40€ a set …..


Or the normal 35cm long straight needles from 9,60€ a pair.


Tendo shawl



The Tendo shawl is a great project for knitters wanting to practice  the ‘short-rows’  technique. Even for the more experienced knitter looking for a nice relaxing project to do on holiday or during a long journey, then this is ideal. This big triangular shawl ( 220cm) knitted in garter stitch has 3  equal stripes for added interest which can be subtle or more pronounced depending on your colour choice. The long rows get shorter with each stripe so it knits up quicker towards the end!

Pattern priced at : 3 euros, available  in EN / FR  is sold both in the shop and the E-shop via download.

Knitted on 3,25mm  circular  needles  120 / 150 cm long.

Color Options 

To work the shawl in a single color only, you need 2x ITO Kinu and 4x ITO Sensai altogether.

To work the scarf with a base color in ITO Kinu and changing colors in ITO Sensai you will need: 2x ITO Kinu of one color and 6x ITO Sensai – two per color.

To work the scarf with a base color in ITO Sensai and changing colors in ITO Kinu you will need: 3x ITO Kinu – one per color and 4x ITO Sensai of one color.




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Knit a ‘Rasta snood’



Here’s an idea for a xmas gift…

At Kaleidoscope we’ve all gone Rasta crazy! Everyone is knitting this easy tube collar – I made mine in 2 hours while Mr. Kaleidoscope was watching football! I chose rice stitch but you can do whatever stitch you like – this wool looks great whatever stitch you choose!

If you prefer a slightly stiffer  version use 10mm needles instead.

You will need: 1 x 150g malabrigo Rasta

Either 12mm circular or straight needles ( as preferred )

Circular Version:

Cast on loosely 41 sts, join in the round, place marker and  knit in Rice stitch: K 1, P 1 every row

*until you have about 3/4 metres of yarn left. Cast off and weave in end – or if you prefer take a crochet hook size 7/ 8mm and slip stitch down the tube to make a swirly decoration!*

Straight needle version:

Cast on loosely 42 sts and work in Rice stitch: 1st row – K1, P1, to end

2nd row-  P1, K1 to end , finish as for circular version and sew up side seam.



New yarns for winter!

Lots of gorgeous new wools for the winter season!

Cascade Highland Duo – Baby alpaga in soft natural shades ( 4.5 / 5mm ) 100g/ 180m price 15,75 euros


Baa ram ewe – Dovestone Dk, 100% uk wool, resistant, great definition, ( 4mm) 100g price: 21,39 euros – find patterns in the Dovestone book also available (  In English )



6 Fantastic new colours in Scrumptious 4 ply from Fyberspates – Merino and silk ( 3,5mm) 100g / 365m price 19,90 euros – 4/5 skeins for a jumper or cardigan


And if you crave a quick result ‘Roma by Debbie Bliss’ bulky wool (12mm) 100g price 10,50 euros – 1 ball makes a hat or a small snood, 4/ 5 for a scarf!


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Mechita legwarmers



Mechita leg warmers make 2:

You will need:   100g/ 400m Mechita by malabrigo (col. Mandragora)

Needles Double pointed needles  x 2,5mm, and 3,25mm

stitches used : Rib : k2, p2  in the round

Stocking stitch : Knit every row ( in the round )

Divide the wool into 2 x ball of 50g

Using the smaller size needles, cast on 80 sts, and join in the round placing a marker between 1st and last st.

Work 4 cm in 2 x 2 rib.  (22 rows)

Change to larger needles and work in St. st. until leg measures 35cm from beginning.

Work another 9cm in 2 x 2 rib or until yarn runs low, then cast off in rib.

Weave in ends.



Gift ideas for xmas


Stuck for ideas this christmas? Here are a few suggestions available at kaleidoscope:

A knitting cowl kit from baa ram ewe price 48,50


A ram’s head brooch pin from JUL designs price 22 euros



Or a passion flower shawl pin price 31,80 euros


A leather fastener to adorn any wool garment price: 29 euros



A  limited edition japanese toughened paper bag for yarn projects price: 35 euros


Limited edition studded project bag price: 35 euros



A selection of pompom magazines full of knitting ideas price: 13,90 per book

A book of french knitting patterns for children and adults price 18,50 euros each or any 2 for 35 euros!


Or a fun animal crochet kit pick from a selection:-  bat, rabbit, meerkat, or cat? price 31,50


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Summer holidays & opening times 2017

Here are the opening times and the closing dates for SUMMER 2017.

No orders can be  placed  via our web-shop between 15th July – 7/ August.

 (Thank-you for your understanding)

PLEASE CONSULT THIS PAGE FOR THE CORRECT OPENING HOURS – It is a good idea to ring and check before setting out.

                            KALEIDOSCOPE OPENING HOURS FOR SUMMER 2017
     FROM   1 /7  to 15 /7          OPEN WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY   10h to 18h
   SATURDAY  15 / 7    OPEN ( Last day open before summer break ) 10h to 18h
     FROM    17 / 7  to  17 / 8     CLOSED FOR  SUMMER VACATION   
 FRIDAY  18 / 7                          OPEN                                                      10h to  18h
  SATURDAY  19 / 7                        OPEN   10h  to 18h
 THURSDAY   24 / 8                        OPEN                                                        10h to  18h
 FRIDAY   25 / 8                        OPEN                                                        10h to  18h
 SATURDAY   26 / 8                        OPEN                                                        10h to  18h
 THURSDAY   31 / 8                         OPEN   10h to 18h
 FRIDAY    1 / 9                        OPEN   10h to 18h
 SATURDAY   2 / 9                        OPEN   10h to 18h
      Normal opening hours resume  
WEDNESDAY   6 / 9                         OPEN                                                   10h to 18h30
 THURSDAY   7 /9                         OPEN                                                   10h to 18h30
 FRIDAY   8 / 9                         OPEN                                                   10h to 18h30
 SATURDAY   9 / 9                          OPEN 10h to 18h
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TOFT Xmas Kits

Hmmm Xmas –  yes it’s that time again….some of us love it, others are relieved when it’s over, but most of us will be buying gifts and preparing for the festivities.IMG_2104

So here’s an idea for xmas  at Kaleidoscope we have a selection of  4 easy crochet kits just in  from ‘ TOFT’ – the Edwards Menagerie animal collection including ‘ Emma the bunny – Clarence the bat – Alexander the cat – James the meerkat – the  complete kit includes: 100g pure toft wool, synthetic stuffing,  a crochet hook, a wool needle and alpaca thread,  instructions in English & French – all in a neat cotton bag ( price 31,50 euros)  the animals once finished  are all machine washable!DSCN6766

We have also a simple knitted tube scarf kit in 2 shades of grey or grey and cream ( price 45 euros)


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Pompom Winter 2015

The new Winter issue has arrived . Our customers love this english knitting magazine, full of gorgeous  patterns by our favourite designers, all in a handy pocket size ! Price 13,90 euros.

Also currently in stock are : Autumn 2015  Spring 2015, and Winter 2014 – now available to buy in our E-shop (section patterns and books )

issue15_cover-729x1000 callas_collage-1000x817 wilding_collage-1000x817 hat-1-1000x665

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We are on vacation from 15/7 to 7/8 no orders can be placed during this period. Please try later on thank you. /// Nous sommes en vacances du 15/07 au 07/08. Aucune commande ne pourra être passée durant cette période. Merci de votre compréhension. Bonnes vacances ! Dismiss