Summer vacation dates 2016

Here are the opening hours from  July 25 th to September 14.

PLEASE CONSULT THE TABLE BELOW FOR OPENING DATES AND TIMES. ) It is a good idea to telephone first before setting out just in case of late changes. ( thank-you )

                                    OPENING HOURS FOR JULY AND AUGUST 2016
            FROM  25 / 7  TO  10 / 8           CLOSED FOR VACATION 
 THURSDAY  11 / 8                          OPEN   10h to 18h
  FRIDAY 12 / 8                          OPEN   10h to 18h
  SATURDAY  13 / 8                          OPEN                                            10h to  18h
 THURSDAY  18 / 8                          OPEN   10h  to 18h
  FRIDAY  19 / 8                          OPEN                                            10h to  18h
  SATURDAY  20 / 8                          OPEN                                            10h to  18h
  THURSDAY  25 / 8                          OPEN                                            10h to  18h
  FRIDAY  26 / 8                          OPEN   10h to 18h
 SATURDAY  27 / 8                          OPEN   10h to 18h
           FROM  30 / 8  to  7 / 9   CLOSED FOR VACATION 
  THURSDAY  8 /9  OPEN  ( winter opening hours resume)   10h to 18h30
   FRIDAY  9 / 9                           OPEN                                          10h to 18h30
  SATURDAY  10 /9                           OPEN                                          10h to 18h
  TUESDAY  13 / 9                           OPEN                                          10h to 18h30
WEDNESDAY  14 / 9                           OPEN   10h to 18h30
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Tunisian crochet course – shawl

Learn to make this shawl using the tunisien crochet technique – with Rachel Henri


You must have a basic or intermediate knowledge of crochet techniques for this course (  No beginners please! )

Date – Friday 1st July – 10h30 to 13h30h

Address – 18 ave Adolphe Demeur, 1060, Brussels

Rachel Henri has been making her own patterns in tunisien crochet for many years. This 3hr course is focused around teaching you  the basic techniques needed to realise one of her beautiful shawl patterns ‘ Comme un air de printemps’.

The shawl is made up of diagonal panels of 12 sts, which are crocheted together to form this rectangular shawl ( +/- 70 cm X 140 cm )

The course will cover : the 4 basic stitches required , crocheting one or more panels of the pattern, understanding and reading of the pattern, assembling and if time how to adjust the size in relation to the amount of yarn. ( The aim of this course is that you should be able to carry on and finish this project at your own pace)

There are only 6 places maximum and a minimum of 4 reservations are required

( if not Kaleidoscope reserves the right to cancel and refunds will be issued)


Materials needed:

800 or 1200m of any 3 ply or 4 ply fingering merino wool,

stitch markers,

5.5 or 6mm round ( not flat ) crochet hook of normal length.

Notepad and pen.

Price option 1 = course without materials included = 42€    ( in E- shop courses)

( you will need to bring all your materials or buy them on the day.)

Price option 2 = course with all materials included = 76€ 

 ( in E- shop courses)

A special discount price with all materials including: 200g malabigo sock yarn + a knit pro tunisien crochet hook + markers+ 16 page printed pattern would normally cost 87,40€ – For this option  please select your colour preference via our E-shop in Malabrigo Yarns – sock yarn.

Read more about Rachel:

‘I started crochet when I was about 10. I had been given a book as a birthday gift to learn how to crochet step by step. I worked on every single project described in the book. I have never stopped crocheting since then.
I have crocheted thousands of miles of scarves and blankets with a wide range of different types of yarn, using all sorts of techniques (“usual” crochet, tunisian crochet, double-ended tunisian crochet). It took me time to make wearable garments mainly because of seams, I find them tedious to make and ugly to look at.
I’m fascinated by seamless (or almost seamless) garments.
What about knitting ? I learned how to knit, even before I learned how to crochet, but my “thing” is really crochet. From time to time, I knit a bit, but it’s more an occasional entertainment than real passion.’

Contact us on 02 5440130 or e-mail : 

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Run rabbit…

And so begins the endless hours of Football Mania! Yes it’s that time again when knitters and crocheters of the world unite. We sit and endure the countless hours of football whilst finishing off  all those projects left on the needles….

At Kaleidoscope, our knitted belgian team the ‘Red Rabbits’ will adorn the window for a few weeks and we’d love it if you LIKE  them on our Facebook page:



Marc Woolmites team from left to right: 

Marouane Mise-en-plis, Thibault Courvite, Eden Kastar, Axel Schnitzelhase, Kevin de Bruin-Konijn, Romelu Panpan, et Radja Angoran.



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HHF = Hedgehog Fibres



                    HHF @ Kaleidoscope!


( photos courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres)

Yes the hotly anticipated delivery of stunning vibrant , spotted, speckled, semi solid & multi coloured yarns, hand painted by the team at Hedgehog Fibres are now finally hanging on our wall of temptation. ( and available to buy in our E-shop! )


( photos courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres)

Beata Jezek is the founder of Hedgehog Fibres an Irish artisan yarn and fibre dyeing studio located in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Picture: Miki Barlok

Picture: Miki Barlokin

Hedgehog Fibres colours reflect Beata’s personal style and range from dark, rich and earthy to crazy, fluorescent and vibrant depending on her moods – but always colours she loves! Originally from Slovakia, Beata has called Ireland her home for over a decade. In Slovakian, Jezek means hedgehog so in 2008, when knitting friends pushed her to sell her yarns, Hedgehog Fibres was founded. (No Hedgehogs are harmed in the making of our products!)


                                                       ( picture courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres)

Yarn dyeing started as a extension of Beata Jezek’s other hobbies – spinning, knitting and crochet. Beata says “Soon after I took up knitting, I realised I really wanted to create my own yarn line of soft, squishy yarns in beautiful colours. It’s the colours I want to knit with, the colours I want to wear and the colours I can’t live without.”

mb hedgehog may 061 web

And another talented, very well-known, knitting designer , and colour genius living in Amsterdam, (‘Mr. West’) is also a VERY big fan of Beata’s yarns. Many of which he uses in his own pattern designs.


On the Hedgehog Fibres website Beata’s patterns are available for download!

(all photos courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres)

mb hedgehog-october 26 web

(all photos courtesy of Hedgehog Fibres)


colour name: ‘ Monet’


Jen jumper

The Jen pattern by Josée Paquin is available to buy on ravelry in EN/FR.
Our version is the 3/4 length sleeve made in Coloris Yarn by BC Garn ( wool/silk /linen ) on 3.75mm needles. It is worked from the top-down seamlessly and stitches are picked up at the end for the collar. A few options are offered: short or long, 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves, stripes or not.. you chose! Sizes available from S – XXL.
You can find the Coloris Yarn by BC Garn in our E-shop.


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Silk wide sleeve top
















The Wide Sleeve top from BC Garn. (2377B)

We love this little summer top made in Tussah Tweed silk by BC Garn. It’s straight forward knitting but with it’s cinched in waist and wide sleeves it looks very flattering.

Sizes are S/M/L and you’ll need 200/250/300g of Tussah Tweed silk to make it. This pattern is free when you buy the yarn ( we have translated it from English to French for our customers )

You can find the Tussah Tweed in our E-shop in  the BC Garn section. If you’d like the pattern don’t forget to ask when you check out. Pattern no: 2377




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A facelift for Kaleidoscope…

Our shop gets a new look for 2016 !

Say bye bye to the tubes and Hello to the wall of Skeins! Much easier to see all the different colours and textures … 


And for those relaxing moments a new little sofa for our clients while they sit and read the books and patterns, or just admire the ‘ Wall of Temptation’* !



* Thanks to Séverine for that expression !

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Pompom spring 2016

The latest edition of our favourite knitting and crochet magazine has arrived in the shop. Lots of fabulous patterns using natural yarns. Here below are a few of the designs with some of our own yarn suggestions….


‘Perpendicular’ by Sarah Brunenberg – our yarn suggestions include:  fingering/4ply like Bamboum, Dunnagall sock,  Fine cream or Misty Mina ( all from”The Natural Collection” by Kaleidoscope (available in our E-shop )


‘Right Angle’ by Georgia Farrell – our yarn suggestions include: Dovestone DK by Baa ram ewe, or Natura coton Medium by DMC, or the linen from ‘ La Droguerie’.


‘Riveret’ by Merrian Holland – a crocheted top in DK also could be done in the  linen from ‘ La Droguerie’


‘Rhombille’ by Gina Röckenwagner – our yarn suggestions include: Aran yarn such as  BFL Chunky or Chunky Monkey from our “Natural Collection”, or in Coton Medium Natura by DMC.


‘Equilibrium’ by Gina Röckenwagner – our yarn suggestions include: Clotted Cream DK, Lady Nuala DK, or Frosted DK , all from our “Natural Collection” (available  in our E-shop )


‘Delineate’ by Olga Buraya-Kefelian – our yarn suggestions are for a Sport 5ply like:  Coloris by BC Garn, or Baby Vanille merino from “The Natural Collection”.


and ‘Striated’ by Nicki Merrall – our yarn fingering/4ply suggestions include:’ Yak Yak’, ‘Dunnagall sock’, ‘Fine cream’, or ‘Misty Mina’ all from our  ‘The Natural collection'(available  in our E-shop )


New needles & kits!

Hiya Hiya products are very popular and we now stock a lovely selection from their range:

These 17 high-quality, HiyaHiya crochet hooks come in various sizes, all neatly stored and presented in a Chinese brocade case.

1 each of 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm, 8.00mm, 9.00mm and 10.00mm.

Acrylic glitter crochet hooks: 1 each of 12.00mm and 15.00mm.

All presented in a fully lined brocade case. Price: 59,35€


Ultimate Knitting Gift Sets
: These offer the ‘ultimate’ flexible knitting system in one convenient set, presented in a stylish brocade storage case. A pre-selected range of the most versatile tip sizes, cables and a pair of interchangeable straight needle shafts allow the knitter to create many different combinations and to swap quickly and easily between circular and flat knitting. Useful stitch markers, needle grips and cable connectors are also included. Available in sizes Small = 137,95€ /Medium = 142,95€ /Large = 149,85€









Sock knitters in particular will love this stylish yet practical set of 9″ stainless steel sharp circular fixed needles in the most useful tip sizes presented in a Chinese brocade Project Bag, . Price = 85,35€

The kit contains the following: 2 x 9″ 2.25mm Sharp Circular/ 2 x 9″ 2.50mm Sharp Circular/  2 x 9″ 2.75mm Sharp Circular/1 x 9″ 3.50mm Sharp Circular.


Next we have the Bambou interchangeable  standard set in size small ( 4″/8,5cm tips )

price: =  85,35€

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needles feature keyless screw-on connections, swivel cables and seamless joins. Set includes a selection of interchangeable cables, & tips & needle grips, all presented in a stylish brocade case.

Small sets contain: Bamboo tips in 4″ or 5″:
2.75mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm + Small Size Cables:
1 x 16″/ 40cm (4″ sets) or 2 x 24″/ 60cm (5″ sets)


Hiya Hiya accessory kit B  price: =  65 €

A selection of best-selling HiyaHiya accessories, all presented in a brocade HiyaHiya Project Bag. 1 x Locking Stitch Markers/ 1 x Cable Needles / 1 x Point Protectors/1 x Stitch Holders/1 x Knitters Safety Pins/1 x Darn It Needles/1 x Puppy Snips /1 x Kitty Snips /1 x Panda Li Tape Measure /1 x Needle Gauge

The accessories are presented in a Chinese brocade Small Project Bag with zip fastening handle.


We also have a selection of Hiya Hiya sharp needles in various sizes and lengths from 23cm to 100cm.



These little key rings are a tiny pair of scissors price 4,50€ each

And  packets of stitch markers price: 5,50€ for 6


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